A novel written on Lewis, and based in Lewis, is set to launch in Sheffield on September 17 2016. 

'Waves', written by Jared A. Carnie, and published by Urbane Publications, will be available (and is currently available for pre-order) to buy from numerous outlets, including Amazon, from September 17 2016. 

The novel was written during Carnie's time on Lewis, when he lived in Leurbost, before he had to leave when his partner feel seriously ill - he is now based in Sheffield.  

Carnie explains: "As well as Stornoway it features a host of places that you will recognise including the ferry from Ullapool, Tolstadh, Seilebost, the castle grounds and many more."

The launch, which will take place in Sheffield, will also feature photos of Lewis, taken by Andy Yearley.

A launch event for the island is currently in the planning stages.  

The novel tells the story of a boy living in Essex, who is taken to the Outer Hebrides by his friend: "Alex is stuck. Stuck in Essex. Stuck in his childhood home. Stuck in a job he hates. The relationship he'd been counting on all these years has finally fallen apart. He's run out of things to hope for. Anxious, uncertain and totally sober, Alex is dragged to the Outer Hebrides by his long-suffering friend, James. Somewhere between the mountains and the sea, Alex is desperate to find something to ignite a spark of life in him again. Through castles, ceilidhs, bothies, lochs, vast beaches and tiny boats, chance meetings and old friends, Alex has to learn that maybe taking responsibility doesn't mean the end of feeling free."