Loganair's Compassionate Fare Policy has helped 400 people across Scotland to make urgent travel arrangements at discounted prices in times of need. 

The Compassionate Fare Policy was introduced last year following consultation with administrators of the Islanders For Fair Air Fares Facebook page


The policy is available across 19 Scottish Loganair routes, and provides a 50 per cent discount on fares to eligible customers in times of a family emergency, including: the bereavement of an immediate family member; cases of critical and unexpected illness involving an immediate family member; an immediate family member is receiving in-patient treatment. 

The airline’s chief executive Stewart Adams said: “We believe Loganair was the first commercial airline in the UK to introduce such an inclusive compassionate fare policy for its customers, and we are proud of this achievement."

Scott Preston, founder of the Facebook campaign group and a former funeral director, said: "As a result of the island communities in Scotland raising their voices through the campaign and working with Stewart Adams and his team, this innovative and vital scheme was introduced."