Local Area Coordinator of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue team in the Hebrides has released a letter of appeal for help to support the work they do rescuing marine life locally. 

David Yardley, Area Coordinator for BDMLR, who is based in Barvas, and is responsible for managing the rescue team for the area between Ness and Berneray, released a 'Very Open Letter of Appeal' on Facebook, urging people to help out by donating and also by sharing the letter to spread the word about what the local BDMLR team does.

Mr Yardley Wrote:

"BDMLR is an organisation of volunteer marine medics that care for the welfare of marine mammals across the UK and has existed on the island for the past 11 years. A month prior to my training with them, I followed closely the events unfolding in Skye, a short video of which can be seen here

"Thanks to a bit of editing, this shows the rescue over a period of minutes, but the events themselves were over hours and days. The video unfortunately, does not show the scenes that even the most hardened of medics found quite distressing. While some would argue it’s a natural part of life, the majority of our responses have been caused by human impact. Since taking this role [last year], my team have responded to 41 incidents within the islands, in all manner of conditions in the name of what we stand for."

He continues:

"I am personally asking that you consider making a donation to our entanglement gear appeal available on Just Giving, as this is crucial to have available during migration season and would make our lives a whole lot easier. However, support can also come in other forms. Consider donating a wet suit or dry suit for a medic. Our rocky shores and seas take their toll on our personal gear every year. So replacements are always welcome."

To view the full letter of appeal, click here