Councillors would like to remind cyclists that the use of pavements for cycling is forbidden.

Cyclists using pavements in Stornoway has been highlighted to the Comhairle as an ongoing problem that needs to be resolved.

Read the Highway Code’s rules for cyclists and you will see, in no uncertain terms, that cycling on the pavements is forbidden. Rule number 64: You MUST NOT cycle on a pavement.

However, the issue of cyclists using pedestrian walkways in Stornoway has been highlighted as an issue that appears to be getting worse – endangering walkers, runners, babies in prams, children, and anyone else using the pavement, who are inclined to assume that they are safe from vehicles there.

Stornoway South Councillor and Chair of the Outer Hebrides Community Safety Partnership, Cllr Charlie Nicolson, stated: "A lot of people have been in contact about cyclists using the pavements and the main town centre pedestrian precinct. I know the Police are aware of the issue. This is putting people who are out walking, running, and wheel chair users, in a dangerous situation, especially at night.

“We want to encourage the sport of cycling but would ask cyclists to keep to the rules of using the roads, and not putting pedestrians in a difficult situation. The last thing we want is any serious accidents so please keep to the rules and safeguard our pedestrians, and stay off the pavements."