A whole range of evening classes are available at Lews Castle College, some starting tonight.
Among those available are Electronics with Dr Chris Macleod; Beginners French and Beginners Spanish with Katie Craigie; iPad and iPhone/The Basics also Computers for All by Derek Maclean; and Hairdressing Skills with Kareen Morrison.
Kareen Morrison is a lecturer in Hairdressing at Lews Castle College and has over 30 years’ experience in the industry.  She has taught a range of different Hairdressing programmes and is skilled at supporting students to achieve their potential.

Dr MacLeod is also a lecturer at Lews Castle College and a member of the Institute of Physics.  Prior to working in Education he was a Research Scientist with Hughes Aircraft Company working mostly in the USA.  He has numerous publications in the fields of science and engineering. His PhD is in Artificial Intelligence.
Katie Craigie is a recently qualified Modern Languages teacher at the Nicolson Institute.  She will be taking classes in beginners Spanish and French.
Derek Maclean is a lecturer at Lews Castle College in Business, Administration and ICT.  He has previous experience working in web design and also running his own business.
The Electronics Course is due to start tonight, running 7pm-9pm; the hairdressing course is set to start on October 28th; the iPad course is due to start tomorrow; and the Spanish course starts tonight at 5.30pm with the French course starting tomorrow, also at 5.30pm.
Please check with the college about any late changes to the course structure and timings.