Use it or lose it…that's the message about some of the Lews Castle College evening classes which are due to start next week.
As they are one-off courses that are demand-led, they depend on people registering for them as soon as possible – and then turning up!
And there's plenty of variety - for instance, there's an Introduction to Theology presented by Rev Dr Iain D Campbell, the minister of Point Free Church, and weekly columnist in the Stornoway Gazette .

He will be taking an introductory theology course on Tuesday evenings from next week at Lews Castle College UHI.
Rev Campbell has written several books, and is Adjunct Professor of Church History at Westminster Theological Seminary
This class will look at the major themes of Systematic Theology and introduce the participants to source material on each of the topics.
A major part of the work will be discussion of writings from some of the key
theologians of both the past and present.  It is rated as suitable for anyone interested in exploring the key issues of theology.

  • Evening & Time Tuesday 7.00 -9.00 pm
  • Cost £50; Weeks 10; Start Date: 29/09/2015

By way of contrast, there is Investigating Archaeology presented by Dr Mary MacLeod who is an experienced archaeologist with a background in international commercial and research archaeology.
She worked as Western Isles Archaeologist for more than 11 years, before returning to freelance research and academic work.  She is a specialist in the Viking and Norse archaeology of the North Atlantic, and a regional expert in the archaeology of Northern Scotland.
This 10-week course introduces candidates to archaeology by looking at archaeological sites and finds, research methods, and sources of archaeological information.
On completion candidates will have a basic understanding of archaeology and the responsibilities under the law in relation to archaeological sites. It will provide useful underpinning knowledge and skills for progression to further study in this area.
This Unit is suitable for candidates with no previous archaeological experience but who have an interest in history and/or archaeology.

  • Evening & Time: Tuesday 5.00 - 7.00 pm
  • Cost: £50; Weeks 10; Start Date: 29/9/2015

For more details of the big range of courses, see here