The issue of lack of space at Stornoway Primary was raised by an SNP councillor at the Comhairle’s Education and Children’s Services Committee.

NP Councillor for Stornoway South Rae Mackenzie stated: “The Stornoway Primary school is extremely overcrowded.

“For instance, changing facilities are not acceptable for this day and age and there is simply not enough space for teachers and pupils throughout the school. The school is the second biggest school in terms of pupil numbers in the Western Isles and has had a huge influx of pupils after the closure of Sandwickhill School and additional nursery spaces.

“At the time of school closures, the receiving schools were promised extra funding to ensure the pupils had at least the same or better facilities than the ones they were leaving. This has not happened in the case of Stornoway Primary. After meeting with Stornoway Primary Parent Council, I raised this issue at the Education committee today (Tuesday) and the Director assured me he was going to meet with the Parent Council on this issue.  Each child is entitled to equal opportunity and there is a danger that the Stornoway Primary is falling behind other island schools.”