With the tenth anniversary of its move into the arts centre in Stornoway only weeks away, An Lanntair has relaunched its website with a totally new look, totally bilingual in English and Gaelic and fully designed for use on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

The new site gives a detailed insight into everything that is available at the Arts Centre.  In its "About Us" introduction, the new website states:

"An Lanntair is a hub for creativity and the arts in the Outer Hebrides. We are a multi-arts venue – at one and the same time a contemporary art gallery, a theatre, a cinema, a dance studio, a concert hall, a platform for poetry and literature, a studio – every space stretched to showcase the arts in multiple forms. Our work stretches across a national and international platform, yet our distinctiveness lies in being ‘of the place’, rooted in who we are, and the creativity of Gaelic and the Outer Hebrides takes centre stage.

Our mission is “to connect and inspire people in producing extraordinary, creative programmes, uniquely rooted in the place and reflecting the arts and ideas of our time”.