Lewis rockers Astrid are set for a sensational reunion, with a new album in the pipeline.

The indie band, which featured Willie Campbell (Tolsta) and Charlie Clark (Gress), were a big thing in the late 90's, amassing a dedicated fan base and playing to venues across the world.

On his website, Charlie Clark says: "After an 11 year hiatus, lots of therapy and one mystical walk along Gress beach in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, I’m happy to announce that astrid will be reforming later this year to record a new full length album. Willie, Gareth (Russell, bass guitar) and I have been in talks trying to figure out all the logistics but recording will start this November here in Los Angeles.

"So far Willie and I have sent each other around 6 songs each and we’ll continue to write until recording starts. All I can say so far is fans of our early EP’s and first record (Strange Weather Lately) won’t be disappointed. We certainly were never big enough to cash in on any reunion so we’re doing this because the songs are good and it feels like the right time to do this. I’m hoping that recording it here in L.A will sprinkle some sunshine on new songs like ‘Poison Reaction’ and ‘A Little Understanding’."

Charlie added: "We hope to follow this up with a handful of UK shows next year so more news on this as it develops but I for one couldn’t be happier that this is moving forward."