MV Loch Seaforth coming into Stornoway this weekend, while MV Isle of Lewis was tied up for shelter from strong winds (Chris Murray).

Food from CalMac ferries which would shortly be out of its ‘best before’ period is being donated to foodbanks in Stornoway and Barra.
The donations to Eilean Siar foodbank from the Loch Seaforth and Isle of Lewis ferries come after CalMac closed down its food operations on Government guidance. They are no longer carrying any but essential traffic and passengers on their sailings.
The announcement of the donations came from CalMac today (Tuesday 7 April). hey said: “With the shut down of its retail outlets due to the Covid-19 crisis, CalMac has decided to donate food that's shortly going out of date to local food banks.
“Staff are currently sifting stock and anything with a sell by date within three months will be donated. The type of goods being handed over will include soft drinks, confectionary, crisps, cakes and biscuits."
CalMac’s head of sales, Kurt Hart, said: “Given that we are not in position to determine when our on-board retail outlets will be open again, it makes sense to find a use for products that will be out of date soon, otherwise they would just end up being thrown out. It is better someone gets the benefit of these products before they are past their sell by date.”
Earlier this week Eilean Siar praised the ‘phenomenal’ response of the local community, including businesses, to their appeals for extra help during the current crisis, which is seeing more people in need of food aid.