A Highlands and Islands MSP is urging local supermarkets to prioritise vulnerable people in remote and island communities.

Donald Cameron said that he has had contact with Tesco and has welcomed their commitment to increase the number of delivery slots and drivers.

Mr Cameron commented: “I have stressed to the supermarkets how dependent our communities are on their services and urged them, where possible, to consider working with local haulage companies.

“I know that they, and their staff, are already doing a huge amount in the face of the pandemic to help local people get the supplies they need.

”But, we really need the supermarkets to go the extra mile here in the Highlands and Islands because of our unique geographical challenges.”

Mr Cameron also issued a request to shoppers to bear in mind those in the ‘at risk’ category and keep their requests for deliveries to a minimum.

“We all have a part to play and we can do that by minimising the demands we place on the supermarket delivery system, which has always has a limited reach in the Highlands and Islands in any event”.

“Please think before you click, as someone else may really need that delivery slot more than you do.

“The priority must be to help those people who are either self-isolating or need to be shielded, and live many miles from the nearest town with a supermarket.

“Our local supermarkets and distribution workers are providing an absolute lifeline service and they deserve our profound thanks for everything they are doing at this extraordinarily challenging time.”