Vietnam’s Covid-19 response has been hailed as a model by many, including the World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum.

Despite limited resources, Vietnam’s policy of early intervention, testing, surveillance and centralized quarantine facilities has so far helped the country keep Covid-19 infections well below 300 in total. 

Today (Monday April 6) the authorities were able to record a second day with zero infections since March 6. There have been no deaths as yet attributed to coronavirus in this country of about 96 million people.

As of this morning, there are 241 infections, 150 active cases and 91 patient recoveries. The bulk of the infections have been in the country’s two main cities, Hanoi with 103 cases and Ho Chi Minh City with 53 cases. One of those discharged was a 66-year-old unnamed British man who had received treatment for the past three weeks inQuang Nam Central General Hospital in Quang Nam province.

A Vietnamese English language website quoted the Briton as saying yesterday on leaving hospital: “I was treated better than I had expected. I feel really happy and grateful for it.”

He and his wife presented flowers and a gift box to health workers at the hospital as a gesture of gratitude.

The Briton will continue to be quarantined and have his health monitored for another 14 days, in line with the Ministry of Health’s regulations. He had arrived in Hanoi on March 9 on a flight from London operated by the national carrier, Vietnam Airlines. It was while visiting Quang Nam province that he began to display symptoms of Covid19. He tested positive and was hospitalized on March 16.

Meanwhile, fines are being imposed on people outside on non-essential journeys. The first three fines, the equivalent of £7, were imposed yesterday on two people fishing at a lake in Hanoi and a third in the same area who was visiting a friend.

Social distancing is being strictly enforced in Hanoi. As well as daily messaging on TV, radio, the web and via SMS to every mobile phone in the country from the Ministry of Health, loudspeakers mounted on motorbikes began touring neighbourhoods with public service announcements at the weekend.