The 2020 Snowman Rally lived up to its name on Saturday, but the Inverness-shire course did nothing to help Stornoway driver Ali ‘Nomie’ Macleod.

Ali and his co-driver Thomas Jefferson, with a team of support mechanics and logistics planners, were the only Western Isles competitors lined up at 8.30am on Saturday (7 March) as the rally cars took off from their Inverness start and headed for Dingwall.

Sadly his Escort Mark 3 took too much punishment to beat the course. Ali said: “A right rear puncture about a mile into Stage 1 forced us to stop in stage to replace, that dropped us from 47th to 84th. Gutted.

“Out for stage 2 and we were going well until I ran out of the little talent I have near the finish, putting us into, over and out of ditch, breaking a front suspension arm in process, still managed a joint 40th stage time.

“Repaired car and headed for stage 3 (at) Rogie. This would be our final stage of the day, as a rock pushed the gearbox guard, breaking the gearbox from the engine. So that was us done for the day.

“Hopefully we can get it all sorted and we will be out for Speyside Stages next month. Thanks to our sponsors Autoparts, HIC, K's Stitches, Ian's Home and Gardens, Isle Blast and Nomie’s Bodyshop.”

The pictures show Ali during the snowy second stage (TOP) and with his support team battling to get the show back on the road (BELOW).