A lack of enthusiasm and support from the community means another Lewis community centre faces a crisis and possible closure.

In January North Lochs Community Association carried out a consultation in the area. Out of 440 questionnaires delivered to households, 209 were returned. Consultation events were then held in February to discuss the results of the questionnaire and the future of the community centre. Only 24 individuals attended. 

The group says, disappointing as that was, "there are good ideas within our community. All it takes is for one or two individuals to take an idea and get the ball rolling."

North Lochs Community Association has been running events over the years for two reasons, they say. "The main one is bringing the community together, to tackle isolation and teach the youth the benefits of community spirit, the second is fundraising to pay for the running costs of the centre. 

"Due to poor attendance, most events have not broken even and it is now at the point where there is a lack of money and enthusiasm in the community to keep the hall open. 

"The upkeep of a Community Centre requires community spirit! There is a willingness from the committee to keep the centre running but it needs a willing community attending and supporting the events and groups."   

North Lochs Community Association AGM is on Tuesday 24 March at 7.30pm in the North Lochs Community Centre.

"We have current committee members who are showing commitment to fulfil the roles of the office bearers. However, we are looking for members of the community to join the committee at monthly meetings to help us reach further into the community and encourage those with skills and time to support the facility and groups.

"We are hoping to have an encouraging turnout which will lead us to progressing with plans to refurbish the centre and deliver a facility that is fit for the many purposes which would enhance the community’s amenities. 

"Realistically, if there is a low turnout at the AGM, the process of closing the community centre will begin with a projected closure date of May 2020.

"It is our responsibility as a community to show that a little input from each individual will make a big difference and if we don’t work together now, it will be harder for the next generations to understand what it means to be part of a community."