Voters are being encouraged to make sure they know their Polling Place and get there in daylight if possible tomorrow (Thursday December 12th), as voting takes place in the General Election, on one of the shortest days of the year.

All personal voters will have received a polling card which will state which Polling Station they are to go to, of the 47 between Barra and the Butt.

There are just four changes to the places used in the previous election, which was the European Election in May this year. In Tarbert voting has reverted to the community hall, as used in previous elections, instead of Tarbert Council Offices.

The polling station in Balallan has moved from the community hall into the newly renovated Old School building. Back will see the Free Church hall used as a polling station, instead of the community hut, and in Bragar the meeting house will be used, since Grinneabhat community building is still under renovation.

Depute electoral officer Derek Mackay told that the changes ensured better access to all polling stations, with more parking and better lighting at the selected buildings.

Polling Stations open at 7am and will remain open for the casting of personal and proxy votes until 10pm. Postal votes should already have been posted, but completed postal voting packs can also be delivered to polling stations or to the Comhairle’s election office up until 5pm tomorrow (Thursday).

Emergency proxy votes, where somebody votes on your behalf if you are suddenly unable to attend a polling station – for example due to a hospital admission – can be applied for up to 5pm tomorrow.

Four candidates are standing for the Na h-Eileanan an Iar parliamentary constituency. They are Alison MacCorquodale for the Scottish Labour Party, Angus Brendan MacNeil for the Scottish National Party, Neil Mitchison for the Scottish Liberal Democrats and Jennifer Ross for the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party.

Politicians and electoral officials are united in urging voters to make sure they get to polling stations during the day, to avoid being held up by the weather or taking any personal risk in dark and wintry conditions. Derek Mackay said: “We are looking at everything we can do to make voting as accessible for everyone as possible, especially given the time of year. It is close to the shortest day of the year, so there will not be many daylight hours to vote and there may also be weather challenges.”