Christmas came early across the Highlands and Islands for members of HI-Scot credit union.

Canny savers received their Christmas savings in November, leaving plenty of time to get their Christmas shopping done.

“This year, our members saved over £60,000 in total,” said HI-Scot's General Manager, David Mackay, “That's a lot of selection boxes!”

The credit union's Christmas Savers scheme has been growing steadily every year, with more and more members realising the benefits of saving all year round for the festive season.

“We all know that Christmas is an expensive time,” David said, “Having money saved for the occasion could mean that our members aren't running up hefty credit card bills or dipping into their savings.”

The little elves at HI-Scot HQ pay out Christmas savings early in November each year, so members can enjoy a debt-free Christmas without the worry of huge bills in the aftermath of the festive season.

With a Christmas Savers account, saving every month throughout the year really takes the stress out of Christmas shopping (and for lots of money-saving ideas for Christmas, check out HI-Scot's posts on Facebook and twitter from November!)

Saving for Christmas with HI-Scot is easy and safe. Unlike unregulated retail savings schemes, the credit union operates under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, so members' money is always fully protected.

And it's never too early to start saving for Christmas 2020. Christmas Savers at HI-Scot can start putting money aside from December 2019, giving them a full year of saving before the big day next year.

For more information on opening a Christmas Savers account with HI-Scot, see: