Classic car drivers contributed to the first ever Stornoway traffic-jam yesterday afternoon (Tuesday November 19th), according to traffic reports on BBC Radio 2.

But the reports were part of a tongue-in-cheek celebration staged by the team from Practical Classics magazine, visiting the islands this week.

About 25 classic cars owned and driven by island drivers massed at Lews Castle grounds at lunchtime to give a welcome to a team from the Peterborough-based magazine.

Editor Daniel Hopkins told “It’s exciting to see how many people were happy to bring their cars out to meet us, and what a variety! It shows what a great community the classic car world is, and everyone here is lovely, supportive and interested in each other’s projects – no competitiveness.”

After the castle grounds rally, the editorial team of five, with their own classic cars, led off a circuit round the town centre, creating a show for pedestrians as well as holding up other traffic.

Deputy editor James Walshe pulled strings at Radio 2 to get BBC traffic announcer Bobby Pryor to give out two bulletins warning of congestion in the town centre, giving Stornoway its first national traffic announcement ever.

Today the Practical Classics team is out and about around Harris, after spending yesterday afternoon and evening interviewing individual car owners for special features in the magazine.

Interviews with island classic owners are set to appear in the magazine throughout the winter, including special features on Kiwi Macleod’s red Jaguar XK150, Murdo Macleod’s Triumph Dolomite Sprint (described as ‘a work of art), a Cortina Mark 1 restored by Norman Maclean, Moto Plus, and an Escort Mark 1 Nimbus caravette restored by Ali ‘Nomie’ Macleod.

Daniel Hopkins said: “We would thoroughly recommend the islands as a destination for classic car drivers, especially in the winter, when there’s hardly anyone on the roads and you don’t get stuck behind a caravan.

“I love discovering new places and have travelled a lot in Britain, but I’ve never been here before. In terms of eye-candy it’s as good as anywhere on the planet – on the edge, extreme, bleak and with a wild beauty.

“We plan to visit the west side of Harris, the Bays road and Huisinis beach today (Wednesday) and we’re hoping to get a sunset shot with our own cars to round off our visit.”

Pictures show the classic cars gathered in Lews Castle grounds with island owners and the editorial team of Practical Classics in the front row (Judi Hayes and aerial shots by Christopher Mayers).