An appeal has gone out today (Tuesday November 19th) for funds, food and bedding for unwanted cats, as animal-lovers step forwards to rescue a family of kittens left out in the cold.

Former cat protectors found they were unable to sit back and do nothing when they were alerted to a new feral colony in a garden near Stornoway.

There’s now no rescue service in the island for unwanted cats, since the national charity Cats Protection withdrew its support from the Lewis and Harris branch. Feral cats and kittens have filled all available spaces both at the Old Mill Veterinary practice and at the SSPCA.

But a mother cat with three new kittens and three almost-grown adult kittens has spurred cat-lovers to get back to work – despite the fact that they have no financial backing for the expenses of feeding, keeping and neutering the cats.

Former committee co-ordinator Karen Cowan said: “We received a message asking for help with a colony of feral cats living in a garden near town. If we left them there within a few months there would be real problems.

“Now we need your help to raise funds to neuter all the adults and care for them all. You’ve all been so supportive about starting something locally so we hope now you’ll agree that that family is worth saving.”

Having successfully trapped the three older kittens, volunteers are now seeking donations of food and cat litter, which can be ordered by phone or in person from Maybury Gardens, where the former charity ordered supplies.

Carers have already been found to provide safe shelter for the kittens, when they can be trapped, and it’s hoped they can be socialised and provided with homes.

It’s also hoped that an online funding page can be set up to meet the costs of neutering all the adult cats, before finding them a safe barn or other home.
The picture shows the two generations of kittens, found under a hedge in a Stornoway garden.