Residents of Trust Housing on Matheson Road are still grinning from ear to ear this afternoon (Friday November 8th) after their first experience of an intergenerational project facilitated by the Volunteer Centre Western Isles.

Pupils from Primary 2 at Stornoway Primary School came to visit the residents at Trust Housing as part of a project designed to create new experiences and relationships between old and young.

This morning the pupils and residents had their first encounter, getting introduced and learning each other’s names.

Trust Housing manager Carol Ferguson told “The children were a bit nervous when they first arrived but within two minutes they were chattering away.

“It was great to see the resident’s faces all lit up. They are still smiling from ear to ear. The class has three sets of identical twins, so that was a real talking point and with many of them having grandchildren who are away on the mainland it was great for them to spend time with young children.”

The project, led by Bellann O’Brien, is due to continue fortnightly until Christmas, but there’s a special visit next Friday when the children will be dressed up for Children in Need.

And they’ve also been given Trust Housing’s teddy, Isla Lewis to take back to school for a week, so that she can tell her own tales of life at Stornoway Primary. One resident said: "It is so lovely to see the children, they have so much energy."

Carol said: “In future weeks we’ll be talking about holidays, where the residents used to work, favourite foods and what Stornoway used to be like in the old days. We have five visits planned up to Christmas and we hope to continue the project after that.”

The pictures show P2 children meeting Trust Housing residents today (Trust Housing and Volunteer Centre Western Isles).