The Western Isles could play a role in the manufacture of hydrogen in the future.

A seminar was hosted this week looking at opportunities which hydrogen manufacture could offer the islands.

Comhairle nan Eilean Siar has said: "The manufacture of hydrogen is extremely energy intensive but, with the best wind resource in the Northern Hemisphere, the Outer Hebrides are well positioned to manufacture hydrogen from renewable energy."

A study has been commissioned, supported by Community Energy Scotland, to look at where additional hydrogen opportunities may lie and how they can be accessed.

This work will run in parallel with the Comhairle’s Hydrogen Project – Outer Hebrides Local Energy Hub (OHLEH).

OHLEH is a partnership between the Comhairle, Scottish Salmon Company, Pure Energy Centre and Community Energy Scotland that generates green hydrogen and oxygen from Fish Farm waste at the Creed Recycling Centre in a true, circular economy.

Councillor Uisdean Robertson, Chair of the Comhairle’s Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, said: “The Comhairle has been active in hydrogen since 2010 when an eectrolyser was installed at Creed Park Recycling Centre.

"Now we are powering our own hydrogen Refuse Collection vehicle, one of only five in Scotland, from electrolyser hydrogen and hydrogen produced by the innovative OHLEH project.

"In addition, over the past few months, the Comhairle has engaged with commercial partners to explore the use of hydrogen produced in the islands in local heat networks.

"At the seminar, it was good to learn abouthydrogen innovation taking place here in the Outer Hebrides and further afield and to hear from, among others, Nigel Holmes from the Scottish Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Association, and representatives from the growing Orkney Hydrogen sector.

"In the Comhairle’s revised Energy Strategy, one strand will focus on local hydrogen production and the benefits it offers to all our communities.”