Engineers from Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks acted quickly this morning (Friday August 16th) to avert a possible major power outage in Harris and Scalpay.

Two teams of engineers from SSEN were hard at work in ‘unpleasant conditions’ between 1am and 4am today, after routine inspections revealed a power pole which was severely bowed under strain and likely to snap.

SSEN issued an emergency warning to residents of Scalpay and Urgha districts last night, before turning the power off to 304 properties to complete the repair. The pole near the Urgha radio mast was, according to one engineer, ‘bent like a banana’ and could have broken under any further strain.

While the power was off a second team of engineers completed a repair to a pole at Ardnacille in Scalpay, where there was a minor fault with a stay.

A local SSEN spokesman said the work was completed by 3.53am today and that acting quickly meant that there would not be a more serious situation developing over the next weeks.