A major power outage hit the whole of the Isles of Lewis and Harris at around 4.45pm today (Wednesday August 7).

According to the statement from Scottish and Southern, it involved a "major system fault."

Traffic jams quickly built up in Stornoway as the traffic lights were out of action at going-home time.

Policemen took control at some junctions to direct the traffic.

The mobile network remained in action.

The major fault is now reported to be under repair with SSE predicting power will be restored throughout the area by 6pm.

The Battery Point Power station appears to have been called on to back up the network with the lights going back on in Central Stornoway about 5.19pm

However, the power failed again ten minutes later before returning again after another short dark interlude, creating mayhem with the thousands of electronic devices in use throughout modern society, including the constant shreik of aggravated alarms.

According to SSEN, power was restored throughout the Islands at 6pm.  No further explanation was given of the cause.

(This story was updated several times after first publication)