A postcard which went missing 59 years ago finally reached its destination last week.

The postcard was sent in 1960 from Inverness by Lilly Campbell but was lost in transit before finally making its way to Nellie Mackenzie.

Nellie told welovestornoway.com: “My maiden name was Nellie Gillies and we lived at 1 Bells Road. The postcard should have been delivered there 59 years ago!”

Although there is no longer a house on that site in Bells Road, the local post office workers were able to track Nellie down and deliver the postcard.

“Somebody said the postcard had fallen behind a radiator and had eventually turned up in one of the old post offices,” revealed Nellie. “It looks brand new and the writing is as clear as can be.”

The postcard, addressed only to “The Girls,” was intended for lodgers who were staying with Nellie’s family. “We had two lodgers who came from Leverburgh, and that’s where Lilly Campbell came from,” explained Nellie. “One of the lodgers, Cathy Mary Ferguson, has died since, but I spoke to Muriel Campbell and took the postcard to show her. She thinks we also had another lodger called Phyllis Cadden and the postcard was intended for two of those girls.”

Lilly’s postcard relates bumping into the lodgers’ boyfriends ahead of her trip to Beauly and she signs off with an admonition for the girls to “be good.”

“Everyone is just so amazed by the fact that it turned up after almost 60 years.

“I remember these girls so well and it’s brought back a lot of memories for me.

“We are really impressed with the Post Office too for bothering to deliver it personally and not charge any extra postage on the 2½ pence stamp!”