Drivers dropping off passengers at Stornoway airport are being asked to use the designated drop-off and pick-up area, rather than trying to ‘beat the system’ by parking on access roads.

Spaces have been designated for drop-off and pick-up, but you do need to go through the parking barrier to get to them.

Once inside, anyone staying for less than two hours can get out of the barriers again without having to validate their parking ticket or pay for parking – just insert the ticket in the exit barrier and the arm will raise automatically.

A spokesman for the airport’s administration told “The first two hours parking are free and we are asking drivers to only pick up and drop off in the designated area. Cars picking up and dropping off on the access road to avoid coming into the main car park are beginning to cause a problem.”

The car park entrance barriers have recently had extra shields fitted over the slot where the ticket emerges, following numerous comments about tickets flying away in the strong breezes around the airport site.