One of the most iconic wartime planes of the recent D-Day landing commemoration is due to touch down at Stornoway airport at 1.30pm today (Wednesday June 26th).

The DC3 (Dakota) troop plane That’s All, Brother (N47TB) led the main airborne invasion of Normandy on June 6th 1944. Piloted by Lt. Col John Donalson, the plane led a force of more than 800 planes that dropped over 13,000 paratroopers into battle on the beaches of Normandy.

After serving on D-Day, and in Operations Market Garden, Repulse, and Varsity, the airplane returned to the United States and was sold to the civilian market in 1945. She was later sold to be scrapped before historians from the US Air Force discovered her and, through a large group of donors and volunteers, restored her to flying status and the original D-Day paint scheme.

On June 6th this year she was one of over 30 historic planes to complete a fly-past over Normandy, as part of the 75th anniversary commemorations.

She’s now headed home around the North Atlantic route and has filed a request to land at Stornoway this afternoon, en route between Prestwick airport and Reykjavik in Iceland. She’s expected to be refuelling on the lower apron or Gaydon south around 1.30pm today.

The picture shows That’s All, Brother on her home turf, pictured by Jens Brokuf/Jetphotos.