Today (Thursday) following a short ceremony Donald Martin, Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant to the Western Isles announced the renaming of the Lewis Retirement Centre to become the Failte Centre.

Speaking on the centre’s transformation Mr Martin said, “It wasn’t always a pleasant experience coming here for events in the past with buckets catching drips from the ceiling but the transformation has been fantastic and it’s all thanks to the volunteers involved.”

The centre was refurbished as part of Donnie Dotaman’s DIY le Donnie which aired on BBC ALBA in September 2017.

As a tribute to Donnie’s hard work a rendition of his famous song ‘Engine, tractor agus van’ was passionately sung by a selection of Stornoway Primary pupils who regularly visit the centre. As part of an inter-generational project, run by the Stornoway's volunteer centre, this same group of primary 4 and 5 pupils have, through monthly visits become a regular fixture at the Failte Centre.

The unveiling of a new sign reading “The Failte Centre” brought a pleasing close to a redevelopment project which centre chairman Donald Mckee described as a “Long process”. The unveiling was intended to be outside with the sign in its final location but the change to the weather meant this was impossible.