Lyndsey and Nick Stansfield of Brue House must be one of the few couples who can claim they opened their shop almost accidentally.

After moving to Lewis four years ago, the couple combined their sewing skills with Harris Tweed to create a range of bespoke homeware products. 

Originally, all their products were available online, until customers began to turn up at the couple’s home.

“People would appear and we would show them everything we had in our lounge,” reveals Lyndsey.  “We thought we might as well use the spare room downstairs and open a shop!”

After putting up shelves and moving the sewing machine downstairs, Lyndsey and Nick opened their shop on Saturday 4 May.  “I’m in the shop sewing most of the day, so customers can come in and see how the products are made,” explains Lyndsey.

The couple work as a team to handcraft all their items.  “Nick used to make rocking horses and was interested in sewing before we met,” Lyndsey reveals. 

“I’ve always loved sewing and making things!  Before we moved to the Outer Hebrides, we always went to display our work in craft markets.  When we came here, our interest diverted into all the Harris Tweed designs.  I love all the bright colours.

“This is our full-time job, so, from dawn to dusk, we are sewing!

“We sell lampshades and cushions, as well as clocks, door stops, scarves, washbags, pencil cases, purses, book covers, keyrings, tea cosies and hot water bottles – just to name a few!”

All of the items draw from the rich colours and inspirational qualities of the Harris Tweed fabric.

If a customer sees an item they love, but want it in made in a different colour, they can easily be accommodated. 

Lyndsey explains: “We have a big sample book with over 90 different colours of Harris Tweed, so people can choose the item they want in the colour they want.

“We sell our designs all over the world, so it’s nice to think products made here on the island are being sent all over the world!

“We strive to produce really good quality products – all handcrafted right here in the Outer Hebrides!”

Lyndsey and Nick welcome visitors to their shop every day, except Sunday, and are open from 10am until 5pm. 

For a taste of their work, visit their website at