Now is your chance to join in with NHS Western Isles’ successful Step Count Challenge – covering 172 miles with your progress tracked along a virtual route of the Outer Hebrides using the Big Team Challenge App and web-system.

NHS Western Isles Health Improvement Practitioner, Karen Peteranna, said: “Last year’s Step Count Challenge saw over 50,000 miles of steps logged by walkers up and down the Outer Hebrides.

“This was a fantastic effort from walkers who told us they felt the benefits to their health from the additional activity during the Challenge.”

She added: “Walking for just 30 minutes a day can bring benefits to our all-round health; our physical, social and mental health.”

The Step Count Challenge is free and open to island residents aged 13 years and over; and last year the Challenge attracted 300 people from across the islands, with participants stating they found the Challenge helped them reach individual goals, such as taking the time to walk daily, increasing activity following and operation, and losing weight.
Many said they had fun while getting out and about rediscovering their local community!

Jacqui Marshall, who completed the Challenge last year, said: “The Walk on Hebrides Step Count Challenge came at the right time for me. My mobility had been limited for some time and I was reliant on crutches.

“I was determined to take part in the Challenge and my bearded collie Hydie was a great support.

“I enjoyed every minute of the Challenge last year and the sense of achievement from finishing it. I can’t wait to get going again this year!”

Participants to the Step Count Challenge are encouraged to use The Big Team Challenge web and App system, logging steps and distance along a virtual route of the Outer Hebrides.

To register visit: 

Registration for the Step Count Challenge 2019 opens on Monday, April 1st, at 1pm and closes at Midnight n April 30th, when the six-week Challenge starts on Barra in the south and finishes at the Butt of Lewis in the north.

And the first 20 people to register will receive a free Walk on Hebrides resource pack.

Participants can enter as an individual or team of two. The team option may be most suitable for people who currently undertake no activity, low activity, or with low mobility. Individuals should aim for 9,500 steps per day; and teams of two should each aim for 4,750 steps per day and combine their steps to reach the finish-line.

For further information on the Challenge, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or call:

Lewis & Harris - 01851 762015

Uist & Barra – 01870 602588.