If you grew up listening to ABBA’s Dancing Queen or the Bee Gees Night Fever, the chances are you were a teenager of the Seventies.

And it is perennial favourites like these that will be the soundtrack to next month’s 60th School Reunion, when former pupils who went to school together in the Seventies get together to catch up with old friends, make new connections, and reminisce on years gone by.

Kicking things off on Friday 3rd May will be a sit-down dinner in the Caladh Inn (or as organising Committee member Eddie Mould describes it, “The Acres, for those who remember the push button map in Perceval Square”).

The event on the evening of Saturday 4th May will be a less formal affair, with soup, sandwiches, tea and cakes in the Sea Angling Club, along with a competitive quiz and of course, “some fine songs from the Seventies.”

“We are too old for a charity football match so it will be a more sedate raffle,” adds Eddie. “At this point it is hoped we will be having a tour of the Lews Castle on Saturday afternoon, but this is yet to be confirmed.”

Eddie and his nine fellow committee members first got together in 2008 to organise the 50th Reunion, pictured above, held in the spring of 2009 for anyone who started primary school in Lewis in 1964, or entered secondary school in 1971.

Social media was still in its early days when the first reunion came around, so the team mostly did things the old-school way: sending letters, writing invitations, and relying on word of mouth as well as emails. People came from all over the world for the event, with attendance reaching 187. The same committee have been organising the reunions since then, becoming firm friends and hosting a 55th reunion weekend in 2014.

“I think what is uppermost in people’s minds about coming along is to renew old friendships,” says Eddie, “but I have found people have made new friends as well, with people they didn’t really know going through school.

“In one instance a person who shall remain nameless cleared his conscience and paid what he owed to an old school friend for a motorbike he bought from him in the Eighties!”

Bookings for the 60th reunion can be made on the dedicated webpage, where attendees will find a booking form and additional information – not to mention plenty of photos from the previous two reunions, and the chance to submit a favourite Seventies tune for the weekend playlist.

Eddie notes that although the deadline to register for the reunion is 3rd April, “we will take latecomers as we want as many people as possible to attend.”

To find out more information and register for the 60th Reunion, visit www.spanglefish.com/50threunion/