Work is under way at Stornoway’s central post office on Francis Street in a renovation project which will see all the windows in the front of the building replaced with replicas of the original windows from a century ago.

The project began about a fortnight ago and is expected to last another fortnight.  Initially there was work done at the rear of the building and on the roof and chimneys

Now the look of the front of the building is being transformed with windows that will be symmetrical and undo the alterations done during the 20th century.

The building was completed in 1912 in a project which took about 18 months – so the windows have lasted 107 years.  At the time it was the centre for the Royal Mail services throughout the Islands, with audit and support staff.  There is a massive original walk-in safe built in the structure.

Each of the new windows has had to be purpose-built.  Installation is going to be equally painstaking as they have to work around the customers and pedestrians to make the work can be achieved securely and, of course, progress is weather-dependent.