Lewis weatherman Eddy Graham has been appointed one of the co-editors of the Royal Meteorological Society’s journal Weather, following the retirement of the current editor.

Eddy, who lectures at the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) at Lews Castle College, will take over the reins as co-editor alongside University of Exeter lecturer Gavin Huggett from March 31st, when retiring editor Jim Galvin steps down.

Formerly an operational meteorologist, Eddy has won several awards for his teaching and communication style. He is well-known on social media and has, over the years, worked on international projects in Canada, Chile, Kenya and the Canary Islands. He has been on the editorial board for some time and has always been an avid reader of the journal.

Weather is the national journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, meeting the interests of those with professional and general interest in the weather, as well as others working in related sciences such as climatology, hydrology and geography.

Articles and regular features, together with photographs of weather events, are an important feature of the journal and include case studies, weather observations and discussion on topics such as climatic change.

The Royal Meteorological Society, founded in 1850, promotes the understanding of weather and climate.