A contractor’s digger was responsible for households in Point losing their water supply on Friday evening (March 15th).

Households in Aignish lost their supply and others found pressure dropping to a trickle, after the digger cut through a side pipe off the main water supply at Aignish.

Scottish Water engineers had to pump out a large pool of water to find the damaged section of pipe before they could repair it.

Western Isles assets manager Malcolm Macphail said only a few households were directly affected, but customers at high levels throughout Point could have found that the lost pressure meant their supply also diminished or failed.

“We apologise to all those affected, but this situation was outwith our control,” he told welovestornoway.com today (Monday March 18th).

“Customers will have noticed a cloudy water supply over the weekend, due to air in the water after the damage was corrected.”