While work on the An Lanntair building was finished in December, Wednesday 13 March saw the launch of their new-look website, www.lanntair.com as the final piece of the puzzle in An Lanntair’s brand refresh.

An Lanntair has had a makeover, with new designs and lettering decorating the building, inside and out. This has been part of a business-wide brand refresh; with their new decorative lines spreading from their walls to their website, weekly newsletter, their menus and their seasonal brochures.

Kathryn Lamont Smith, An Lanntair’s Head of Marketing, told welovestornoway.com: “We’re not calling it a rebrand, it’s a refresh, taking An Lanntair’s existing branding, which is so important as it goes right back to the beginning of An Lanntair.”

The new designs are the brainchild of locally-based graphic designer, Pearse O’Hallaron. On keeping the essence of the well-loved, 30-year-old logo, O’Halloran explains: “I focussed on the icon of the An Lanntair logo… and I looked to deconstruct it somehow. To play with its component parts and create a completely new graphic but one which would remain cohesive with the parent icon.” 

Kathryn explained to welovestornoway how important the Gaelic language was in the process: “It totally incorporates Gaelic elements. Everything we do is bilingual, all signage, our brochure, the website. The menu also features our new design and is in Gaelic and English.”

A PDF of their brochure can be downloaded at http://lanntair.com/events/event, where you will be able to enjoy their latest news in both Gaelic and English. 

To add to the changes at the art centre, An Lanntair’s cinema prices are also going to change, with the introduction of a new teen/student ticket – available to all those aged 12-18 or currently in full-time education – and a Member ticket, available to all An Lanntair members. From April 2019, new cinema ticket prices at An Lanntair will be:

  • Adult 2D - £8
  • Adult 3D - £8.50
  • Teen/student 2D- £6.50
  • Teen/Student 3D - £7.00
  • Child 2D- £5
  • Child 3D - £5.50
  • Member 2D - £7.50
  • Member 3D - £8.00