A warning has once again been issued against scam phone calls, after reports that scammers are using 01851 codes so that people will believe incoming phone calls are local.

Trading Standards officers from Comhairle nan Eilean Siar issued the warning yesterday (Wednesday March 6th) after a number of reports from local residents that they’d received an automated call from an 01851 number.

A Trading Standards spokesman said: “The calls state that your internet is about to be disconnected due to non-payment of your account, and you are instructed to press 1 to reinstate the service or press 2 to cancel the service. Our advice is to put the phone down and ignore the call.”

The scam calls were also reported in the Facebook group Western Isles Noticeboard, with several people reporting they’d had similar calls yesterday.

One said: “I normally block calls from suspicious unknown numbers without replying, but I answered this one as it was a local number.”