Crofting is the “lifeblood” of island communities, comments Pete Wishart MP, Chair of the Scottish Affairs Committee of the Westminster Parliament.

Following a visit to the Isle of Lewis last month, the Scottish Affairs Committee publishes an online multimedia report on its findings.

On Monday 18 February, the Scottish Affairs Committee visited the Isle of Lewis to meet with crofters and local communities to discuss the issues facing remote Scottish islands today. The Committee has published an online multimedia report outlining what it heard on the visit, and how it will use these findings in its future work.

 Commenting on the publication of the report, Chair of the Committee Pete Wishart MP said:“My Committee’s visit not only revealed the historic significance of crofting to the Isle of Lewis but also highlighted the importance of crofting as the lifeblood of island communities. Any post Brexit agricultural policy must take into account the integral role of crofting in supporting the economic and social fabric of the Western Isles.

"We also heard concern about infrastructure, connectivity and economic development during our meeting with local residents in Stornoway Town Hall. We grateful to everyone that attended. The meeting introduced us to issues that we will take into consideration when deciding on future lines of inquiry.”

Read the Isle of Lewis report here.