Ferry passengers and island residents will get their last chance this week for photo-opportunities with the largest semi-submersible oil rig in the world, as the Ocean Greatwhite anchors mid-Minch on her journey north.

Safety vessels and tugs are standing by today (Tuesday March 5th) as the massive oil platform takes up her position in the same spot where she was anchored for 10 days in December, before heading for Kishorn. Attending her this morning were the safety vessel Esvagt Contender, Normand Service and the Coastguard tug Ievoli Black, which is patrolling nearby.

The Ocean Greatwhite is expected to spend about 36 hours in her current position before heading north to her workplace between Shetland and the Faeroe Islands, where she’ll be drilling for the Aberdeen-based Siccar Point Energy.

As she left port this morning, Kishorn Port Ltd, where the recent upgrading and fitting work was completed, posted a farewell notice: “Wishing the OGW, its crew and all the Diamond Offshore Drilling team all the very best from KPL, the Port staff, and all at the Ferguson Transport and Shipping team, a very safe journey and transit to the West of Shetland and best wishes for a very successful drilling operation.”

Picture shows Ocean Greatwhite viewed from Point this morning.