No Smoking Day is the national day celebrating the success of people who have stopped smoking, and encourages those still smoking to try, try again, and give up for good.

For this year's national No Smoking Day we're asking you to #TellUsYourWay of how you stopped smoking!

And with No Smoking Day today (Wednesday 13th March), Smokefree Hebrides ‘Quit Your Way’ is spreading the word.

Smoking Cessation Coordinator, Joanne O’Donnell said: “How you quit smoking is your choice, and different ways work for different people.

“It's all about finding what works best for you to help you quit for good. After a few days you’ll start to notice the changes, and there is a lot of help and support around for you from our specialist team across the Western Isles

“We’ve signed up to support No Smoking Day because we want to hear from people in the Western Isles, about how they stopped smoking, and to use those examples to encourage others who want to quit or who have tried before to give it a go this No Smoking Day,” she continued, adding: “Look out for our No Smoking Day posters, with images of successful quitters from across the Islands.”

Sheila Duffy, Chief Executive of ASH Scotland, said: “Some people just decide to quit and manage it straight off – and can be surprised to find it was easier than they thought. For others it can take a number of attempts to succeed, but each time they learn something about themselves and what helps or gets in the way.

“There’s free, expert advice from your pharmacy or Quit Your Way Scotland and you can get prescriptions for help if you need them. Just have a think, and talk to people, and pick your way to quit.

NHS stop-smoking services in the Western Isles are supporting No Smoking Day.

If you want to quit, call Smokefree Hebrides ‘Quit Your Way’ Scotland on 01851 701623 for expert advice and help, however you want it.