On Friday, 14th December, North Tolsta Historical Society declared their new premises at the Schoolhouse open with a special Iolaire Commemoration Exhibition.

The building was full to capacity with schoolchildren, parents, grandparents and friends eager to see the refurbished schoolhouse.

On behalf of the Comann Eachdraidh, Murdo Morrison, The Anchorage, and Iain Angie Murray, son of Domhnall (Brus) Murray, presented each child with a boxed Iolaire Pin Brooch.

This term the schoolchildren had worked on an Iolaire Commemoration project, helped by the Comann Eachdraidh, with finance from Tolsta Community Development Ltd..

"Along with the minister, Rev. R.J.Campbell, we visited the Iolaire Monument and on our way, we stopped at each croft from which the men left, picked up a stone and later the children placed their stone on the Iolaire cairn as Hamish, who’s great, great uncle was lost, reverently read out each man’s name. It was, indeed, a very poignant moment watching this young generation, one hundred years later, showing such respect for a generation they never knew.

"After we left the monument, we made our way to the Mol at Sandwick, where we gazed and contemplated on the horrendous scene there one hundred years ago. The older children picked up eleven stones to commemorate the eleven men from North Tolsta lost in the disaster. These stones they later painted with a dark blue circle, to represent the navy uniform and then decorated with the Iolaire Pin Brooch.

"On New Year’s Day, they will deliver each stone to the oldest living family member of those eleven men, before laying a wreath at the local War memorial.

"These young children of North Tolsta Primary School can always safely say “We will remember them”.