There are plans for action to improve road safety in Assaye Place, Stornoway – a long running issue of concern for local residents.

Councillors at this week’s meeting of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee agreed that a Traffic Regulation Order should be implemented that would prevent vehicular access to Assaye Place from Willowglen Road, except for local access, for a trial period of eight months.

Stornoway North Councillor Gordon Murray has welcomed the plans.

This follows concerns raised by the Manor and Castle Residents Association and Councillor Murray, who is Comhairle SNP Group Leader, that Assaye Place was increasingly being used by motorists as a short cut to avoid potential bottlenecks at the top of Willowglen Road/Cabarfeidh Hotel.

This had raised fears for the safety of local children playing in the area.

Councillor Murray said: “I welcome this decision by the Comhairle who have taken into consideration the concerns of residents for the safety of children.

"I would also like to pay tribute to those who campaigned for this and made representations to myself on behalf of their neighbours and their children.”

The Order would be for an experimental period of eight months, during which time the effect of the change in traffic priority would be monitored. The Order would have the effect of allowing vehicles to enter Assaye Place from Willowglen Road only if a resident or gaining entry to visit or provide a service to the residents.

This will be considered again by a meeting of the full council next week.