Newmarket Playpark is for everyone – and its brand new website has made it even more accessible.

Launched last week, was built by the playpark committee themselves.  Chairman, Murray MacLeod, said: "It was one of those things we had been talking about for a wee while.  We'd been using Facebook for a few years – but wanted to create a website to promote the playpark a wee bite more and make it more accessible to folk who aren't necessarily on Facebook."

The regularly-updated website will keep people aware of upcoming events,news and projects.  One such project includes the development of the riverside walk.  "As a long-term goal, we would like to extend the Glen Dubh riverside walk all the way to the Tong road," explained Murray.

"This would interconnect the two communities and make it a much more desirable circular route.

"Improvements to facilities and equipment have also been planned.  If the necessary funding is secured, the committee hope to install an inclusion
swing.  "This swing can be used by children of all abilities," revealed Murray.  "It's like a big circular basket, so children in a wheelchair or with a disability can be lifted into it.  Hopefully this will be completed in early 2019."

Plans are also in the pipeline to restore the playpark's zip line. "We've had a problem with a small minority of pet owners who let their
dogs off the lead," said Murray.  "We have witnessed dogs holding onto the seat of the zipline and running back and forth with it.  This has
damaged the seat."

The damage affected the park's safety rating, resulting in a moderate safety warning from an inspector.  "We've had to remove the zipline and
chain until such times as we can replace it," revealed Murray.  "This is the second time we have had to replace the seat and chain, as, when we
first took over the park, the seat was in a state.  It costs £300 each time, so it's a bit of a disappointment to us.

"At the time, the dog running along with the seat might look funny, and I don't think it's done with any malice at all, but it has had an
unfortunate outcome.  

"We don't want to discourage people coming in with their pets but we want to make people aware they have to be responsible
with their animals and keep their dogs on leads."  

A new seat and chain have been ordered and it is hoped to have the feature back up and running within the next two weeks.

Murray is keen to emphasize that it's not just those on the playpark committee who can make a difference.  "We are always looking for
volunteers to come and help us out," stated Murray.  

"If they help at the park, it gives them more pride in the area and a feeling of ownership.  If anyone wants to volunteer, all they have to do is get in
touch with us.  This can be done by looking at our Facebook page and. website for upcoming events or applying via the Get Involved section on
our website."