The Met Office has issued an advance warning for a period of very windy weather affecting the Western Isles on Friday (October 12th).

The yellow ‘be aware’ alert is in force between 5am and 9pm on Friday, with a small chance of gusts over 80 miles per hour in the Western Isles
during afternoon and evening.

More widely on Friday there are expected to be gusts between 50 and 60mph, stronger in exposed hill and coastal locations, with large waves an additional hazard.

Flying debris including tiles from roofs and beach material blown on to coastal roads are potential hazards and there’s a high chance of ferry cancellations.

The Met Office also warns of possible power cuts and loss of mobile phone services.

During the peak warning period winds are expected to veer from south-easterly to south-south-westerly, forecasts putting the period of highest risk about 4pm, when the tide is at its lowest (3.51pm). High tide in Stornoway is at 9.25am and 9.38pm on Friday.

Forecasts and warnings will be updated during the week.

XC Weather is predicting peak wind gusts of 86mph at around 1pm on Friday.  Hurricane force winds are classified as starting at 73mph.

The Western Isles Emergency Planning Group is planning to meet on Thursday morning when they hope to know more about how bad this storm is actually going to be and they will decide if any Council services will be shut down, schools closed and bus services not run.  They may make provisional decisions on any Braighe road closures.

(Additional information has been added to this story since it was first published)