Donald MacSween of Ness has become the first young crofter of the year, winning the accolade at a celebratory event in Morayshire on Friday (October 5th).

The Spirit of Crofting event opened in Rothes on Friday, and Donald ‘Sweeny’ was handed his award at a dinner on the opening night.

The Scottish Crofting Federation had named four young crofters on the shortlist for two new awards, created to celebrate the year of young people and the important role of young people in crofting.

Sweeny was given his croft at Port of Ness for his 21st birthday, although he had his start in crofting work with his grandfather before he was four years old. For the past 13 years has improved the land, expanded his range of livestock and innovated with products for local shops and mainland delivery, including fresh eggs and meat packs.

Judges also commended him for his involvement in wider township life, including as a former cleark to his grazings committee and working with elderly neighbours to ensure they are able to continue to be active crofters.

The picture shows Sweeny with his young crofter of the year trophy in Rothes.