A man bringing his boat up from the shore at the Braighe on Friday (August 24th) had a lucky escape as the routine manoeuvre went drastically wrong.

He was using a tractor to tow his rowing boat up the slipway from the Braighe, when the tractor slid and fell into the boat, damaging it badly.

Coastguards were called at 5.30pm by passers-by concerned when they saw the dramatic aftermath, with the tractor on its side inside the small boat at the water’s edge.

Stornoway coastguard volunteers joined police and members of the public to help right the tractor and provide advice in recovering the boat.

Teams were stood down with all accounted for at 6.20pm.

The picture was taken by Angus Macdonald of Swordale and supplied to Stornoway Coastguard Rescue Team.