As the process of recovery continues following the “power outage” on mv Loch Seaforth, CalMac Ferries published the full timetable details for today’s service (Saturday 11th August) on the Stornoway - Ullapool service. 

“We apologise for any inconvenience the timetable changes may cause and would like to thank our customers for their patience during this time.”

On the rescheduled freight service, the ferry left Ullapool 37 minutes earlier than expected this morning (Saturday)as it continues its non-stop effort to make up the time lost on Wednesday.  Meanwhile the Coastguard rescue tug or ETV, Ievoli Black remains on station outside Stornoway Harbour.

Saturday 11th August

A new revised timetable operates as follows:s

Depart Stornoway 10:00 (delayed 07:00 Stornoway – Ullapool) (Check in opens 07:00 - 08:45).  Arrive Ullapool 12:30

Depart Ullapool 13:30 (delayed 10:30 Ullapool – Stornoway) (Check in opens 10:00 - 11:45) Arrive Stornoway 16:00

Depart Stornoway 17:00 (delayed 15:30 Stornoway – Ullapool) (Check in opens 14:00 - 16:00). Arrive Ullapool 19:30

Depart Ullapool 20:30 (delayed 19:00 Ullapool – Stornoway) (Check in opens 17:00 - 18:45)

Arrive Stornoway 23:00

These times tie in with the previously arranged bus times.

All times are approximate and the service may run later or earlier than these times. In order to make up time, the vessel will unload and reload as quick as possible, therefore, please ensure you are at the port in enough time for stated check in time. 

Please see the following bus times for any foot passengers travelling from Stornoway – Ullapool on Saturday 11th August who require transport:

Scheduled Bus Times:

  • Depart Inverness 08:10 Arrive Ullapool 09:30
  • Depart Ullapool 09:50 Arrive Inverness 11:10
  • Depart Inverness 15:00 Arrive Ullapool 16:20
  • Depart Ullapool 16:50 Arrive Inverness 18:10

Additional Bus Times:

  • Depart Inverness 11:45 Arrive Ullapool 13:00
  • Depart Ullapool 13:30 Arrive Inverness 14:50
  • Depart Inverness 18:30 Arrive Ullapool 19:50
  • Depart Ullapool 20:30 Arrive Inverness 21:50

Foot passengers checking in at Stornoway please alert the port staff if onward bus transport to Inverness and beyond is required.

Any foot passengers that may experience difficulty in booking Citylink bus service online can contact them directly on 0871 266 33 33.

Visit for the latest bus updates.