Delegates from across Europe are gathering in Lews Castle College today (Wednesday June 27th) for the GENCOMM 2018 Conference.

It is organised by the hydrogen fuel, renewable and energy storage company, Pure Energy Centre.

Around 15 people are attending from Italy, Germany, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Shetland and elsewhere.

The conference on GENerating energy secure COMMunities through Smart Renewable Hydrogen (GENCOMM) will discuss the most promising technologies towards hydrogen commercialization with the support of Comhairle nan Eilean Siar.

The conference is free to attend and is hosting discussions from many world leading developments including large scale renewable hydrogen production (Energia, Ireland), hydrogen transport (IZES, Germany), bioenergie hydrogen (Pure Energy Centre, UK), hydrogen ferries (Western Isles Communities), hydrogen hospitals (Lews Castle College), and hydrogen Combined Heat and Power. 

It will also address the energy sustainability and energy security challenges faced by remote communities by implementing smart renewable hydrogen-based energy matrixes.

GENCOMM, financed by the North West Europe (NWE) Programme, aims to demonstrate and validate the maturity of hydrogen technologies.

It will do so by implementing 3 pilot plants that link different renewable sources (Solar Power, Wind Power, and Bio-energy) with hydrogen energy storage.  It will then use the stored green hydrogen energy for producing heat, generating Power and fuelling vehicles. 

Paul McCormack, Gencomm’s Project Director from Belfast Met College, said, ‘GENCOMM is currently attracting global attention with the high innovations that the different partners and stakeholders are creating.

“We are pleased with the organization of the conference being in a remote location, illustrating GENCOMM’s commitments to both urban and isolated communities.

“Renewable and hydrogen technologies are key to the development of our future energy systems and without projects and conferences like GENCOMM, we would all be working in isolation.

“It is a real pleasure to have received support from the North West Europe programme and we look forward to future great findings”.

Gencomm conference attendees will learn about the progress of different hydrogen projects within the NWE region and how these will impact remote and urban communities.

The Pure Energy Centre (PEC) will speak about its latest work on electrolyzer’s technologies. Using its electrolyzer, the PEC splits water (H2O) into H2 and O2.  However, the PEC challenges the thinking that O2 is not a valuable gas. Unlike other companies where the oxygen is released in the atmosphere, the PEC is capturing this renewably produced gas from the electrolysis process, compressing it and then storing the oxygen. 

The electrolyzer is powered using green electricity. As such, both the hydrogen and oxygen are green.  And the PEC has found a good use for the oxygen.  It will be supplied to a fish farm where it will be used for breeding small fish, leading to a green fish farming industry.

David MacLeod, Head of Municipal Services at Comhairle nan Eilean Siar (CNeS) said, ‘We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with the Gencomm project.

“The Outer Hebrides Local Energy Hub will generate hydrogen from constrained green electricity for use as a fuel to collect food and garden waste, the feedstock for our anaerobic digester. It will be a working example of the circular economy.

Mrs Elizabeth Johnson MBE, Business Development Manager at Pure Energy Centre, said “We are very pleased to have been given the opportunity to organize the GENCOMM world leading conference.”

Pure Energy® Centre is is now aiming at supporting the transport sector and fleet owners such as councils, businesses, supermarkets, logistic companies in greening their fleet by offering green fuel. Currently the PEC is supplying hydrogen solutions in Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America.