Childsmile weeks are about to take place in dental clinics all over the Western Isles. 

‘Childsmile Week’ has been running every summer in the Western Isles since 2010. 

A specific week where mainly children are seen by dentists and dental care professionals kick off in the Western Isles Dental Centre in Stornoway and Liniclate Dental Clinic in Benbecula on the 2ndof July. 

With appointments specifically for kids, they will have the opportunity to get their teeth checked and enjoy the fun in our tropical themed dental clinics.

Children will have the opportunity to participate in games, dress up as a dentist or tooth fairy, and enter competitions, whilst learning about the key messages of maintaining good oral health for the rest of their lives. 

Reception areas will be transformed into a Hawaiian paradise with toys and games to play with. Every day there are prizes which include electric toothbrushes and toys; and of course, every child gets a goody bag.

Always an eye opener for children and parents are our ‘sugar boards’, which show the sugar content of foods and drinks with actual sugar cubes. 

This year we will feature fruit juices and smoothies which, whilst seemingly healthy, actually have very high sugar content.  We will illustrate this and show healthier alternatives.

NHS Western Isles Director of Dental Services, Colin Robertson, commented: “Childsmile week continues to be the busiest and most popular time of year at our dental clinics. 

"Our tooth brushing and fluoride varnishing programmes in educational establishments, combined with the dental exams carried out in our clinics, have helped to reduce decay rates in Western Isles kids to an all-time low.  This preventative approach has proved enormously successful and we continue to strive to do more to reduce childhood oral diseases.   

"This success demonstrates the hard work of the dental teams, schools, nurseries, and parents throughout the islands.”

Be sure to telephone your local clinic to book an appointment for your child.

Start dates of Childsmile Weeks:
Lewis – 2ndJuly 2018, tel: 01851 707500
Liniclate - 2ndJuly 2018, tel: 01870 602178
Lochmaddy – 9thJuly 2018, tel: 01876 500242
Harris – 16thJuly 2018, tel: 01859 504100
Barra – 16thJuly 2018, tel: 01871 810400