Daniel MacAlpine, aged seven, who attends Stornoway Primary School, has won the Gravett Garden Competition in the national First News children’s newspaper.

Daniel won £500 of gardening vouchers for his school garden and a set of signed books written by the children’s author Emily Gravett.

Daniel designed a school garden with three rules to protect wildlife that might visit the garden.

Emily Gravett was the judge of the contest and chose Daniel’s entry as the winning design

Emily Gravett is an English author and illustrator of children's picture books. For her debut book published in 2005 and again two years later, she won the annual Kate Greenaway Medal recognising the year's best-illustrated British children's book.

First News is a UK newspaper for young readers. It is published in a full colour tabloid format every Friday, and aims to present current events and politics in a child-friendly format, alongside news on entertainment, sport and computer games.