Niall Iain Macdonald is keeping in touch with the world beyond his boat from time to time…
On Sunday evening (5.50pm, Stornoway time) he had been travelling for four days and about eight hours.  He had covered 29 nautical miles in the previous 24 hours, and a total of 99 nm in all. He was travelling at 0.65 knots, compared with an average for his journey so far of 0.54 knots.
"It's almost four years to the day that I set off from Liberty Landing Marina on my first attempt to row solo across the North Atlantic Ocean, from New York to Stornoway.
"As most of you already know, my row lasted just nine days before I had to abandon it and request to be rescued after suffering an accident on my boat in which I sustained a back injury.
"Despite the huge disappointment of how it all ended, I knew that I would return and try was just a case of when? Although my injuries healed relatively quickly, it took a long time for me get over what happened after so many years of preparation, organising, training and raising the finances to pay for the project.
How long should you try? Until. 
I spent 2015 making plans for a second attempt the following year and by January 2016 I was making good progress and looking forward to getting back to New York. Sadly, my father passed away suddenly the following month and so I postponed the row so that I could try and come to terms with that loss and deal with his affairs.
How long should you try? Until.
I did make it back over to the US in 2017 and, despite a couple of frustrating setbacks, I was eventually on standby to begin my row my mid May. Unfortunately, the ever elusive weather window I required to get away from New York safely failed to appear and I had no option but to postpone my NY2SY Solo North Atlantic Row once more.
How long should you try? Until.
On 23rd May 2018, I departed Cobb's Marina in Norfolk,VA at 0615 (1015 GMT), having decided to relocate further south to take advantage of more favourable weather.
This is now my third attempt and I am writing this blog on my fourth day out on the North Atlantic Ocean. There is such a long way to go, 100+ days and thousands of miles of rowing, but I'll keep trying.
Thanks for your continued support and wonderful generosity.
I'd like to dedicate the start of my ocean journey to the memory of Scott Hutchison.