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The long periods of lockdown since mid-March 2020 have transformed everyone's lives…and for some, this has meant a creative twist. 

Formerly employed as a graphic designer, David Simpson moved from Yorkshire to Garyvard in Lochs in January, 2020.

He says: “I wanted to try developing a new skill and lockdown proved to be an excellent opportunity to learn how to make drawings with coloured pencils.

He found there are many interesting deserted and run-down croft buildings in Pairc.

"Each has a unique beauty and a fascinating history…and it was also an opportunity to creatively record images of these precious expressions of Hebridean traditions and heritage”.

 “In the past I worked as a graphic designer. Since I moved here, I’ve been helping to layout and typeset ‘Tional’, the Journal of the Pairc Historical Society and that’s where my interest in these buildings really began.”

Many of the old abandoned croft houses and buildings relate to the accounts and stories published in ‘Tional’.

"These old and often deserted ruins are found in most villages around Lewis. They are incredibly evocative of the hard day-to-day lives of Hebridean folk in the past are often poignant reminders of day long gone. Sadly, every day these structures deteriorate a little more and some are in danger of being lost for good."

A set of eight greetings cards created by David and have been beautifully printed by Intermedia Services in Stornoway Media Centre on James Street.

They feature buildings from South Lochs villages including Kershader, Garyvard, Cromore and Gravir.

You can see all of the drawings on his Instagram

They are available to buy from Ravenspoint Community Store in Kershader or directly from the artist by mail order.