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Throughout the holiday period, the Comhairle has operated provision for children of key workers in seven area hubs and a childcare centre. Two partner nursery providers have also continued to support key worker parents. We acknowledge the responsible use of this provision by key workers who are critical to maintaining local services and it will continue to be available to them as they need it. For the start of the new term on 14th April, we intend to open an additional three hubs to accommodate increased demand from key workers after the holidays. Details of these will be issued to parents ahead of the start of term

There has also been a very positive response to requests for volunteers to support our services, demonstrating the strength and resilience of our community and the professional commitment of our staff teams as they offer to work across other key services.

As well as maintaining key worker provision, the Comhairle is advancing plans to support continuing learning for children and young people who are at home as term recommences on 14th April. The Comhairle's innovative investment in eSgoil is proving to be a very wise decision as we utilise the excellent technology it provides us with to teach pupils across the islands and, indeed, we will continue to offer teaching across Scotland, which sees eSgoil increasing its prominence as an important national resource.